Payment Gateway

       Payment gateway integration services


Create Products

       Quickly create products

       Configure features and values

       Create packs of products

       Sell customizable goods by letting      your      customers to upload files

       Create products with variants from a      list of attributes using the      combinations      generator

       Create digital products

       Attaching files or display additional      information in product pages

       Set a minimal quantity to purchase for      some products

       Choose which message to display for      out-of-stock items

highlight your products

Highlight your Products

   Display complete product page with call to action buttons, cross-selling and promotional content

   Suggest products to your customers

   Promote specific products

   Use slider to promote products

   Let customers add gift wrapping

Run multiple Stores

Run multiple Stores

   Run multiple stores on the same backoffice

Get Support

Get Support

   Get links to all the available documentation

   Get help with the contextual documentation

   Disabling extensions and overrides or by switch to debug mode

   Use quick access buttons

   Use shortcuts to edit your catalog



    SSL certificate integration.

Product Navigation

Product Navigation

    Create categories & subcategories.

Content & Navigation

Content & Navigation

   Configure the display of the products

   Organize your products in your store

   Configure filters, sort order and pagination of products

   Configure your internal search engine

   Display results with the main information about the products listed

   Use different display mode or layered navigation

   Add a product search box in your 404 pages

   Inform your customers about your store

   Display your physical stores on a google map

Run Taxes

Run GST Taxes

   Configure taxes depending on the locations

   Apply tax to the shipping and wrapping fee

   Display taxes for US customers

Go deeper in the software with the Dev features

Go deeper in the software with the Dev features

   Get information about the server, the store, the emails, database..

   Create and download database backups

   Delete parts or the full database

   Set cookies lifetime and other settings

   Activate / Desactivate iFrames & HTML purifier

   Run caches

   Create a set of API keys and configure the permissions

   Create SQL queries



   Configure the one page checkout

   Display a summary page before the customer validate the cart

   Display & allow your customer to navigate in the checkout process

   Allow your customers to quickly create an account

   Let your customer choose the addresses select shipping & payment methods

   Add reinsurance text block

   Let customers to validate their orders

   Display a confirmation page with related details

Extend your store with modules and themes

Extend your store with custom modules and themes

   Install & run free, external or addons modules

   Preview of the Addons catalog and recommendations of themes & modules

comply to laws icon

Comply to laws

   Create CMS pages or blocks focused on legal information

   Display legal contents on the specific & appropriate pages

   Make your checkout process compliant with the European (German) laws

   Comply with the European laws by displaying information about the shipping information and prices

   Apply the revocation terms

   Exclude digital goods from the returnable items

   Set Ecotax

Run Orders

Run Orders

   Get an overview of the orders

   Create orders from the admin

   Edit an order on customer request

   Create a workflow of statuses for both order & return process

   Receive notification for new orders

   Print a delivery slips in PDF